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4 continents, 200 brains, 4 hours – 11 December!

We would like to invite you for the very first international “Enviu in the World” – Event that will take place tomorrow! This day we will come together on 4 continents to discuss, brainstorm and work on business ideas for local water & sanitation issues. Hereby we kick off our Enviu in the World program!

What is Enviu in the World?

At Enviu we like to think big. And by big we mean BIG. It’s our goal to inspire the world so we can increase the quality of life of even more people. That is why we facilitate people worldwide to organize challenges and to develop innovative business solutions to local issues. Through the Enviu in the World program we offer them the necessary tools, our process & experience, and a global network of experts, investors and entrepreneurial people.

The Event

Together with our pilot locations in Mexico, Brazil and South-Africa we will organize this event. Each location will have its own program and we will have regular interaction between the different locations. All focused on the question: How can we solve local water/ sanitation issues with business ideas?

The exact programs & locations will be announced as soon as possible, but be prepared for inspirational speakers, experts, interactive & creative sessions and much more!

Stay tuned

The kick-off will take place on Tuesday the 11th of December at 5.30 pm.  Please sign up on Facebook to attend the event or email Josine to let us know you are coming.

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