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Want to get to know the Enviu team? You’ve come to the right place!

Enviu team

Annemarie Spies
Management Assistant

I also love tomatoes!

Bart Meijs
Chief Business Development

Join and jump in the sea of impact opportunities

+31651560926 bart@enviu.org LinkedIn Skype
Bram Lindeman
Communication & Marketing

Never fear Bram is here

Debbie Lansbergen
Office manager / Community host

If you want to change inequality, you have to start by yourself!

Emiel Eigenraam
Co-Creation Team

Small things can make a big difference!

0636500513 emiel@enviu.org LinkedIn Skype
Erik Terwisscha van Scheltinga
Business Developer

U envy me, coz I Enviu

Fennie Lansbergen
Business Developer

I love combining impact & business!

fennie@enviu.org LinkedIn Skype
Frank Reef

The best ideas are already out there. It is our job to find them and make them work!

frank@enviu.org Skype
Jelle Hanskamp
Business Developer

Finally meaningful work!

Josine Janssen
Co-Creation Team

Ready to conquer the world with Enviu's community.

Luan Nio
Co-Creation Team

A new experience each day keeps unhappiness away

Nena Bode
Communication & PR

There's a way to do it better - find it!

nena@enviu.org LinkedIn
Sabine Biesheuvel
Co-Creation Team

If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together!

Stef van Dongen

I've got curly hair. Oh yeah, I also founded Enviu.

stef@enviu.org LinkedIn Skype
Stuart de Booij

With age comes wisdom.

Wouter Kersten
Innovation manager

Think outside the box? Which box?!



Barry Pieters

If two know more than one, imagine what 8000 people know.

Fred van Lemmen
the Power Generation

Power to the...

Gijsbert van der Sleen
Entrepreneur Discovered
Jeroen Pliester
Managing Director Ensure Your Family

Shift happens, so let's adapt

jeroenpliester@enviu.org LinkedIn
Jesse van de Zand
Founder Janta Meals

Entrepreneuring in India

Marieke den Nijs
Business Development Manager Outside Inc.

I empower great ideas!

0643070130 m.dennijs@outside-inc.nl Skype
Mathijs Koper
Founder Outside Inc.

Be the change you'd like to see in the world.

m.koper@outside-inc.nl LinkedIn Skype
Michel Smit
CEO Energy Floors
Oriol Pascual
Director Enviu Barcelona

Sustainability + competitiveness = positive impact

oriol@enviu.org LinkedIn Skype
Piet van den Berg
Entrepreneur Plug and Ride
Ramesh Prabhu
Three Wheels United
Rick Holt
CEO INURBA developments B.V.

It's great to be part of the Enviu team, where you are reminded every day to put wheels on your ideas!

Samuel Bediako Waterberg
CEO MicroPensions Ghana

Board of Inspiration

Frits van der Have

Jan de Roos


Bara Halikova
Online Moderator

The world is my home

Dylan D'Costa
Business Development

Helping shape impact-related companies and having fun doing it. What’s not to like!

Emilie Dack
Research & Design

Life is weird, let's make it wonderful

Harmonie Garruchet
Co-creation Team

For each problem, a solution

Imor Uijterlinden
Marketing & Communication

Breathe in the problems, exhale solutions

Karina Poerba
Buyer Activation Discovered

Life is so uncertain: you never know what could happen. One way to deal with that is to keep your pyjamas washed.


Alexis de Liedekerke
Project Developer

Driven by values, powered by intellect

Apeksha Porwal
CFO Janta Meals

Got an idea that can create impact? Let's roll!

Erik ten Berge
Project manager

Tackle monsters when they are small

Fransje de Gelder
Project Manager

Always full of energy!

0616028747 LinkedIn Skype
Jacquelien Bunt
Seller Activation Manager Discovered

Hard werken, goed nadenken, dan komt de rest vanzelf

Jasper Middendorp
Business Developer

To do is to be

0651471308 LinkedIn
Jildou Steensma
Project Manager

Laura Talsma
Challenge organizer

Hakuna matata

Li An Phoa
Expert in food and water systems

Merissa Ward
Co-creation team

Making a change, take one step at a time

Robbert van Straten
Business Developer