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Managing the office: all but boring!

The office: a boring working place where the main activities are answering emails, pick up the phone and sit behind the laptop? In order to disprove these stereotypes, I will tell you about my life as an office intern at Enviu!

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Student challenge on Delta Management

One of the projects that Enviu is involved in is an initiative called Delta Talent. The main goal of this project is to enable students – and where possible young professionals – to get involved in innovative Delta Management activities and assignments, with as red thread building with nature instead of fighting it. The initiative started in the summer of 2013 and runs for 3 years. It was initiated by Ark Natuurontwikkeling, and is supported by Enviu.

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Bart Meijs succeeds Walter aan de Wiel as Chief Business Development at Enviu

Walter aan de Wiel, Chief Business Development at Enviu, starts a new challenge at International Justice Mission per 2015, as director of the Dutch office. He has worked six years for Enviu and was crucial in bringing Enviu to its current level of success. His successor, Bart Meijs, started this month and joins the board of Enviu. Ten years after he co-founded InReturn Capital, he steps on board to fulfill Enviu’s mission to create world changing companies. In this interview we asked Bart about his work, ambitions and experiences from the past.

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Reunion Time: Friends of Enviu Café (Uncensored)

On Thursday 13th of November it was time for some serious office restyling. All tables removed, disco lights turned on, nostalgic posters and banners on the wall, and even a red carpet graced the floor. What for? We had our first alumni event: Friends of Enviu Café! Through the years, many people have been involved with Enviu in all kind of ways. It was a moment to meet old friends and look back on what we have achieved so far.

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A better society, relations vs transactions

Statement: to create a better society social and sustainability minded entrepreneurs should focus on designing their business models to stimulate relations instead of transactions. Read on to see if you agree and find out who endorses this vision.

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