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Andy Palmen and his prize

Car insurance will help the otter survive in the Netherlands

On Wednesday the 25th of March, the Otter Challenge finished with a festive finale event in Blijdorp Zoo Rotterdam. Andy Palmen turned out to be the big winner with his ‘Green Deal’ idea – an otter friendly car insurance. The jury elected the Ottersafe fauna passage of Thomas Arts as runner up. Together, both idea-owners received a prize of 15K worth of business development to help them realize their ideas.

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STRP Festival | Foto- Boudewijn Bollmann

Wherefore art thou Creativity, and Innovation?

The great minstrel William S. was often misquoted in writing “Where art thou, Romeo”, the actual phrase was “Wherefore art thou Romeo?” Or in other words: Why do you exist? We might ask the same questions about the illustrious concepts of Creativity and Innovation. While sometimes these are considered the same, the answer for these two, in my mind, turns out to be very different.

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20 rupee meal

Q&A with Jesse: “I still don’t have a Business Plan”

For the first time in two years Jesse van de Zand came back to the place where it all started: Enviu. He found some time for a quick Q&A to explain the rapid growth of Janta Meals. The 24th restaurant will open soon, and Janta Meals is selected for the prestigious Sankalp Award 2015. What’s his success formula?

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SE Masterclass

Generating ideas: ‘peel the Why-Onion’

When it comes to entrepreneurship, it is tempting to get energized about a particular idea and go for it. But, if the goal is to solve a social or environmental issue, you better make sure the problem is clear before running after the solution. In a workshop about generating ideas for social enterprises, students found out that you sometimes have to take a step back to ‘peel the Why-Onion’.

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