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Learning case: Enviu Validation experiences

Enviu uses the “Validation” process to smartly test its business ideas. What have we learned in this process the past few years? “Be married to solving the problem, not necessarily the initial solution”.

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Enviu’s visit from Ghana: making progress at Micro Pensions

Last week our beloved friend Samuel Waterberg paid us a visit at our office. For one week Samuel travelled through the Netherlands to attract investors for Micro Pensions. We didn’t let him go without having a cup of coffee and a chat about his life and the progress that he’s making now with Micro Pensions.

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Enviu and Cordaid launch Social Business Incubator

Last Thursday Enviu and Cordaid launched the Social Business Incubator (SBI). Both parties share the goal to create societal impact and strengthen each other through this breeding-place for social entrepreneurs. Since the soft launch in 2013, the SBI has seven business startups in its pipeline.

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Students challenge students

Enviu always looks for interns that like to be challenged. Most interns already experience this in their assignments, but with some exception do not work as a team with others. Sad, because all different scholarly backgrounds and expertise combined can lead to great ideas! This was proven when all interns were put in the boiler room to work on a real business case together for 16 hours.

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The three winners of the Cordaid Social AdVenture Awards

Last Thursday the Cordaid Social AdVenture event took place in the Caballero Fabriek The Hague. More than 200 social entrepreneurs came over to learn from established social business owners and to network with each other. Part of the program were the announcements of the Cordaid Social AdVenture awards. BAST BBQ (alternative for charcoal garnered from coconut bark), MicroJustice4All (legal protection for the poorest) and Dayapara (biodegradable diapers) were rewarded with 10.000 euro worth on business support.

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