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Learning case Retail: Know the laws of the Jungle

After we published our first comprehensive learning case last January (OS House), we now present our second learning case. For this one we show the vulnerable yet realistic side of entrepreneurship: not all business ideas are going to make it, and if you are starting a social business there might be some extra points of attention.

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Crowdfunding for Gramam Peanuts

Gramam Agri is an India based social enterprise focusing on the socio-economic empowerment of farmers by marketing their agricultural commodities under the name GRAMAM. Currently peanut harvest season is around and there are hundreds of thousands of poor and marginal farmers engaged in its cultivation. Gramam is reaching out to these farmers in remote villages around Bikaner to buy their produce. Help us create real impact for rural peanut farmers and fund the project!

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We need your business ideas to save the Dutch otter!

The Otter Challenge platform www.otterchallenge.nl was launched this week. Let’s think of some great business plans that can help the otter survive in the Netherlands on the long term! Thirteen partnering organizations will join forces in helping you develop viable business concepts. The official launch event will take place at Artis Zoo in Amsterdam on Wednesday November 5th.

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3rd Rev Experience with top economist Jeremy Rifkin

We are in the middle of a transition from 2nd to 3rd Industrial Revolution and new technologies are changing the world rapidly. What will this mean for the future of your organization? During the 3rd Rev Experience on 6/7/8 November, you will get the chance to discuss with top economist Jeremy Rifkin. Register with Enviu and get 100 Euro discount!

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Social businesses looking for social enthusiasts at Cordaid Social AdVenture

In the beginning of this month Enviu and Cordaid launched the new project Cordaid Social AdVenture. This platform supports private initiatives and social entrepreneurs in achieving their entrepreneurial dreams by connecting them with experts and giving pitch opportunities during a live event on the 11th of December. The new interactive website generated considerable interest from the Dutch social community. Since the launch of the platform, fifteen companies have shared their business concepts on www.cordaidsocialadventure.nl.

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