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Generating ideas: ‘peel the Why-Onion’

When it comes to entrepreneurship, it is tempting to get energized about a particular idea and go for it. But, if the goal is to solve a social or environmental issue, you better make sure the problem is clear before running after the solution. In a workshop about generating ideas for social enterprises, students found out that you sometimes have to take a step back to ‘peel the Why-Onion’.

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Woman walking on garbage

Can you turn Taka Taka into business?

Dealing with the generating and recycling of waste is a world wide challenge. Exciting news! Currently we are busy preparing the Taka Taka Challenge (Kiswahili for waste) that will be launched by the end of March. In this challenge we invite local entrepreneurs and startups, as well as experts and professionals from around the world to co-create winning solutions that make profit from waste in Kisumu town, Kenya.

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The Learning Box

Tackling youth unemployment: The Learning Box

In December last year Enviu and Cordaid started a new business concept within the SBI*: The Learning Box. The aim of this concept is to fight youth unemployment in African countries and fill the gap in the labour market. But how to validate your business model first? Together with the team, business developer Jelle travelled to South Africa to explore the possibilities and gained new insights. 

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Portrait Dylan

Enviu had me at ‘Impact’!

I have written a LOT of papers and assignment this past year during my MBA at the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) at the Erasmus University. But, that is obviously not the same as writing a blog post. So, here goes my attempt at one. Why is an (almost) MBA interning at Enviu, you wonder? Read on!

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Cleaning revolutionaries: Maid at Home

Her colleagues at the Ministry of Economic Affairs regularly make fun of her: “Why don’t you go clean the toilet?” Anoesjka just laughs, she knows she has a mission. Together with partner Wendy, the two passionate entrepreneurs tell us everything about their vision in an interview. The women empowering program behind Maid at Home is about to revolutionize the domestic cleaning sector as we know it. “It is so much more than just cleaning”.

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