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To Connect or not to Connect

Social relations influence us to a larger extent than we think. Many people know about the expression (six) degrees of separation. Besides it being a fun game, it can also affect how we behave and think. This can be for the good (get inspired, gain knowledge), or the bad (herding, group think).

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Fredpark Inverted

Fredpark: Connect all ages, create new possibilities!

Are you interested in social entrepreneurship with a focus on “connecting young and old”? Do you see opportunities in a market in which qualities of young and old are being appreciated and show added value within the business model? Fredpark invites you to join our community at a special event on 13th of September!

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Discovered Symbid

Would you like to be the owner of a Start-Up?

As one of Enviu’s most recent start-ups, Discovered recently held a presentation to crowd investors during the Spring Drink investor event. Discovered was successfully launched in Holland last May and, with 1436 products from about 80 suppliers, is preparing for the next step in their adventure: growth.

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Our Oceans Challenge_Header_img

Final call for ideas for clean oceans

Our Oceans Challenge is an initiative of Heerema Marine Contractors and Outside Inc. to connect smart ideas for clean and healthy oceans to a network of corporates and knowledge institutes. The main goal of the initiative is to kick-start scalable sustainable businesses which contribute to either minimizing impact of working at sea or use the ocean as a sustainable resource.

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food waste

OVER: a Triple way of being Useful

Today’s world is full of contradictions. In the Western world where food seems abundant, food waste is a theme, while elsewhere, anywhere in the world, there are still people who die of hunger. The global economic crisis has resulted in higher unemployment everywhere. At the same time we see more and more bottom up initiatives that take their responsibility to change the world.

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