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Relation economy part 2 – stimulating “loyalties”

In the previous blog, I touched on a line of thinking that received some support, so it deserves a follow up. Here I will suggest a few more concrete examples of stimulating “loyalties” as opposed to say the traditional “royalties”.

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15 Ottersaving ideas to the next round

Tuesday the 15th was a moment of truth: a jury had to decide which 15 out of 57 ideas would make it to the next round in the Otter Challenge. The most important requirements for selection were positive impact, general feasibility, financial foundations, scalability and innovativeness of the idea.

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Internview: A leap towards my element

In this brief “internview” I am sharing my experience which I have gained during my six-months-internship at Enviu. Specifically, I would like to reflect on what this internship meant for me as a student who is seeking what he really wants to do with his life. Seeing it from friends and family, through social media and news, I can say with some certainty, that I am not the only one facing this question; also pointing towards other age groups and generations.

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Together is more

The end of the year is approaching: Let me share with you our highlights of 2014 and a glimpse towards 2015!

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