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Enviu’s trip to India

It is good when things come back full circle. Several years ago Enviu was inspired by an Indian MicroPension provider to launch its own MicroPension initiative in Ghana. The success of the Ghana pilot prompted Enviu to consider launching a micro pension pilot in India. We believe the introduction of MicroPensions (voluntarily savings for retirement benefits) can make an enormous social impact in India.

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Enviu starts a new challenge to save the otter in the Netherlands

In april this year, Dutch forester John Pietersen started a crowdfunding campaign to establish an otter tunnel near the Nieuwkoopse Plassen. This tunnel prevents otters from having to cross motorways, where they are often being hit by cars during their journeys. “The campaign immediately went viral ”, he says when looking back. Besides all the media attention, John was able to quickly mobilize more than two hundred crowd investors and reached his goal to build a new tunnel.

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Tasty Business: Jesse about Janta Meals

Janta Meals is up and running! Roughly a year after it’s founding, Janta Meals runs ten restaurants and serves 2,000 healthy and affordable meals a day to low income groups. The business recently caught attention as finalist of the Artha Ventura Challenge, and coverage in India’s second largest magazine Business Outlook. Quite an achievement, but there’s still a lot of work to do says CEO and Founder Jesse van de Zand. In an interview he tells us about his daily experiences, the past year, and his ambitions for the future. “The moment I can be really proud is when we drive a profitable business while remaining our core values.”

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ThePowerGeneration participates in the Accenture Innovation Awards 2014

ThePowerGeneration? Yes! That’s you, and me, and everyone around us.

We’re running out of energy resources and our energy bills keep on rising. We can stare at our bills and complain, or stand up and do something about it! ThePowerGeneration offers different products and services that can help you in your mission to save energy. On its online platform, the company offers a PersonalPowerPlan, which monitors your energy usage and provides you with helpful tips and coaching to save energy and offer services and products like solar panels or LED lighting bulbs.

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