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Reunion Time: Friends of Enviu Café (Uncensored)

On Thursday 13th of November it was time for some serious office restyling. All tables removed, disco lights turned on, nostalgic posters and banners on the wall, and even a red carpet graced the floor. What for? We had our first alumni event: Friends of Enviu Café! Through the years, many people have been involved with Enviu in all kind of ways. It was a moment to meet old friends and look back on what we have achieved so far.

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A better society, relations vs transactions

Statement: to create a better society social and sustainability minded entrepreneurs should focus on designing their business models to stimulate relations instead of transactions. Read on to see if you agree and find out who endorses this vision.

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Learn from dozens of social entrepreneurs at the Cordaid Social AdVenture event!

Do you want to learn from the experience of dozens of social entrepreneurs? Would you like to connect with others who like to change the world? On December 11th, Cordaid, Enviu and TILUAN organize an event to promote social entrepreneurship for the Base of the Pyramid.  The Cordaid Social AdVenture event offers presentations by inspiring leaders, practical workshops and opportunity to connect with fellow world changers.

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Learning case Retail: Know the laws of the Jungle

After we published our first comprehensive learning case last January (OS House), we now present our second learning case. For this one we show the vulnerable yet realistic side of entrepreneurship: not all business ideas are going to make it, and if you are starting a social business there might be some extra points of attention.

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Crowdfunding for Gramam Peanuts

Gramam Agri is an India based social enterprise focusing on the socio-economic empowerment of farmers by marketing their agricultural commodities under the name GRAMAM. Currently peanut harvest season is around and there are hundreds of thousands of poor and marginal farmers engaged in its cultivation. Gramam is reaching out to these farmers in remote villages around Bikaner to buy their produce. Help us create real impact for rural peanut farmers and fund the project!

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