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Eight finalists selected for the next round of the ICCO Agri-Business Innovation Challenge

On Friday 21st of August, the ICCO Agri-Business Innovation Challenge jury selected eight finalists. Since the launch in May, over 100 participants uploaded their agri-business models, with the aim to substantially improve the quality of life of smallholder farmers in Uganda. The eight finalists will proceed to the Enrichment phase of the competition, where they receive further coaching and training, and get the chance to pitch for the final jury on September 25th in Kampala, Uganda.

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Can we make biodegradable bio plastics really environmental friendly?

Plastics simply don’t dissolve, and will be the future fossils that depict the human era on earth. In the Youtube hit “What if humans disappeared”, published on the AsapSCIENCE, the creator of the video describes how human tracks dissolve over time, in case the human race would extinct. Most of our artefacts will digest or burn to ashes, except for the ones made out of plastics.
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Enviu partners up with Sympany to innovate the garment recycling industry in India

Good news! This month Enviu partnered up with Sympany to innovate the garment recycling industry in India. Our team of business developers is currently collaborating on several business concepts. Now what are we actually talking about when we speak of the garment recycling industry in India? What is the current status of garment recycling? And why is it necessary to innovate the market? In this article some more insights.

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Three winning solutions to tackle waste issues in Kisumu, Kenya

On Wednesday July 15th the Social Business Incubator (SBI) presented the three winners of the Taka Taka Challenge during the pitch event in Kisumu, Kenya. The last three months Kenyan entrepreneurs were challenged to come up with business solutions that could turn waste into profit in Kisumu, and thereby tackle local waste issues. Eight entrepreneurs were invited to pitch their business solutions in front of a jury. The three most promising business solutions were rewarded with money prizes and get the opportunity to pitch their plans to the SBI board on July 16th in Kisumu.

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Discussing Micro Pensions at the dining table

On the 3rd of June People’s Pensions Holding (Holding of Micro Pensions) organized an investment dinner in Ghana with local CEOs to find local support in realizing this impact-driven company. Next to Aegon and two international impact funds that had already shown serious interest in investing, we will now also proceed discussions with five other parties.

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