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Toxic Metal Challenge

Toxic Metal Challenge

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Did you know that you can get mercury poisoning from eating too much sushi? In the Toxic Metal Challenge we’ve challenged participants to develop a cost effective, non-invasive screening tool to test the methyl mercury levels in the human body.

High levels of methyl mercury (or other heavy metals) in your body can lead to chronic diseases, higher risk of cardiovascular disease and attention deficit disorders. But there are many other symptons related to it. Clear Light Ventures and Enviu are looking for a solution on how people can easily test the amount of methyl mercury they have in their body. Because once you know you have it, it’s easy to get rid off! Not a medical test expert? Don’t stop reading! Since the information we gathered during the challenge is interesting for all of us.


By organising a challenge we aimed to find the most inspiring business idea. Sevgi Karaman, an International Business student in Venlo won the challenge and won $2.500 – congratulations Sevgi! Currently Clear Light Ventures is looking at two more ideas to further develop these business concepts into prototypes.


At the moment we have reached 90 people from sixteen different countries directly with our challenge, and indirectly approximately 5000 more. Together we want to raise international awareness around the issue of mercury poisoning. Will you help to create awareness about this issue by spreading the word in your network?

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