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Do you strive for a sustainable future in your industry, wish to play a leading role in building a better tomorrow, or believe in fixing a flawed system? A program with Enviu allows you to execute your vision and create tangible change for the better – propelled by profitable, sustainable & ultimately self-sufficient market-driven solutions.

In building a program, we use your vision as the foundation on which to ideate and build world-changing companies. Designed to create a lasting impact and shift the market towards functional solutions, these scalable businesses not only generate profit but serve both people and the planet.

Your issue-driven program will use a holistic approach to reimagine and shape an industry, field, or practice; We are already reimagining the shipping and textile industry, working to create zero-loss food chains in East Africa, driving increased financial inclusion and fueling the elimination of single-use plastics. Within each of our programs exist multiple award-winning ventures, validated business models, and scaled-up companies, already showing a clear path to a sustainable future through entrepreneurial solutions.

  • Start a new program that focuses on your passion, issue, or impact dream
  • Design, support, and steer the program toward creating world-changing ventures on your specific issue
  • Work together closely with Enviu in executing this program, in a role that fits your ambition
  • Become a major shareholder (up to 70%) of the ventures built within the program

What our pioneering funders have to say

In early 2017, a Dutch shipping family approached Enviu with the dream of realizing a 100% future-proof shipping industry. As an established business passed from generation to generation, they saw firsthand the urgent need for change in their sector and realized, the impossibility of change coming from within the sector itself.

Together, we launched a new program called THRUST (Towards Hydrogen-based Renewables Used for Ship Transportation), with the overarching ambition to drive a fossil fuel-free shipping world by 2040. This will be accomplished by researching & validating hydrogen-based technology and building sustainable companies that prove zero-emission is possible. 

The family provides base funding for the program and the first venture; co-funding has been raised approximately two times that amount to further grow the program and pilots. One of the family members plays an active role in advising and steering the program.

Let us build the change you believe in

Building a program is no small feat. We know that translating belief and passion into a comprehensive yet focused program is crucial to create your impact goals. If you are interested in exploring the possibilities behind creating a program with Enviu, please contact us via the form below.