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As an ‘impact-driven venture building studio’ Enviu has the expertise, methodology and capacity to ideate, develop and grow impact-driven ventures to a commercially viable scale. But if we could do this alone we would not be dreaming big enough. Working together is the starting point of this new economy. We’re looking for philanthropists, impact investors, companies, entrepreneurs, innovators and governments to collaborate on driving disruptive change, building a market for good. 

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Fuel System Level Change: Step Into A Program Within each program we ideate, validate, and build world changing companies in order to address an overarching system flaw. From Plastic waste & Food Loss to Financial exclusion & Maritime emissions. Stepping into a program means you will be directly supporting a holistic impact driven approach, creating … Continue reading Step into a program

Invest in a venture

You can help build a lasting impact We build ventures to create tangible impact. These ventures do so with practical, profitable, scalable, and market-driven solutions tailored to solve issues at the source. In cooperation with experts and local entrepreneurs, our venture builders ensure that only the most promising business models become fully fledged ventures, ensuring … Continue reading Invest in a venture

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Enviu’s ambition is to improve the lives of as many people as possible in a positive way. To do this we rely on a great team and growing community of professionals. Meet our team of doers, creators, innovators, impact makers and the entrepreneurs we partner with; people with common goals and common dreams. Check our … Continue reading People