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We build ventures to create tangible impact. These ventures do so with practical, profitable, scalable and market driven solutions tailored to solve issues at the source. In cooperation with experts & local entrepreneurs our venture builders ensure that only the most promising business models become fully fledged ventures, ensuring the highest investment:impact ratio possible.

Giving up is not in our DNA, whilst transitional funding is rare we leverage the experience of our entrepreneurs and network to see things through till the end.


Your support as a partner is an accelerated means for transition from early stage operation to a fully supported and operational business. By investing in a venture you let us skip the search for additional funding and focus on rapidly and efficiently scaling both their business model and impact.

We have ventures in a vast variety of fields from ending single use plastics, to shaping the future of the shipping industry. You can view our individual ventures in our venture portfolio or look at our program level opportunities.

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Investing in a venture provides not only provides crucial support, it maximizes the speed in which a venture can become profitable and create world changing impact.

If you are interested in contributing to a venture and supporting a market driven solution to a real issue please get in touch below and we can start a discussion as to how you can maximize your future impact.

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