Anne Poggenpohl

Venture Builder, The Netherlands

Creating the what-does-not-yet-exists

Anne is a designer, environmental scientist and part-time outdoor explorer fueled by curiosity and optimism. She considers design as a tool to understand current socio-ecological challenges and to effect systemic change by envisioning and creating the what-does-not-yet-exists. Enviu’s circular economy domain is the perfect playground for Anne to radically reimagine the way we produce and consume today. She is eager to turn environmental problems into social business opportunities to create lasting impact.

Anne is a creative systems thinker with a passion for the beauty of nature. Anne holds a Bachlors in ‘Integrated Design’ and an International Masters in Environmental Sciences. Combining her professions brought her to revealing opportunities to reduce single-use plastics in Indonesia, work on food loss in Paris, and at the German Federal Office for Agriculture and Food. Her drive to explore made her a dedicated co-founder of the Young Explorers Camp in Germany’s Black Forest National Park since 2014. The camp encourages young adults to explore the beauty and fragility of nature and equips them to become ambassadors for our environment. Her passion and drive as a creative change-maker have gotten her elected as the finalist for the UN Environment Young Champions of the Earth Award.