Arpana Philip

Senior Venture Builder, FoodFlow, Kenya

Building ventures that balance impact with commercial viability

For Arpana, there is no ‘next week.’ It is all today and now. That is why and how she builds ventures with turbocharger efficiency.

Arpana comes from a healthcare background and has worked in a mix of social enterprises, corporate, and NGOs, building operations for scale. Her vision for the world is one without poverty. She joined the Enviu East Africa team to help solve systemic problems for smallholder farmers, which will, in turn, improve their livelihoods.

She is so passionate about food that she plans to open a garden-reading restaurant when she retires. She also loves art in all its forms, and will happily follow anyone to try new art adventures.

Another fun fact: While Arpana is super organized and reliable at work, she admits to being a mess at home – she does not pick up after herself, and leaves half-finished art and crafts projects lying around.