Daniël Moolenburgh

Venture Builder, Netherlands

Envisioning and building a new mobility future

Daniël is a Venture Builder who enjoys rallying people and organizations behind a narrative of a different system, where challenges are turned into opportunities. He is part of the THRUST program, working on a new mobility system with Enviu’s Mobility Lab. He works on ventures in circularity and builds the program to scale our impact.

Tracing his journey to Enviu, Daniël did his Bachelor’s in Environmental Sciences and European Studies, and a Master’s double degree in Public Policy at United Nations University and Maastricht University. He managed large infrastructural projects in the energy sector, helped customers with challenging transitions as a management consultant, set up an innovation framework for a global company, and was on the strategy team of a corporate venture. Today, these valuable experiences help him work on challenges with a true impact-first focus.

That’s why he is a great storyteller, because, as Daniël says, a good story can change the world. He uses music, theatre, and literature as a channel for change. And so, you can often find him playing trumpet in orchestras and bands, reading and writing, and engaging in theatre.