Eline Leising

Regional Program Manager, ZWLL, Indonesia

Eline Leising is the Program Manager in Indonesia, responsible for strategy, funding, and partnerships for our Zero Waste Living Lab program. Among the thousands of tasks she juggles daily, she primarily keeps both government and the private sector close, as both are crucial in creating a circular economy for plastics — without single-use plastics, of course.

Building such a circular system is not new for Eline. With a background in Architecture and Industrial Ecology, she is specialized in creating systems and supply chains for materials. Before joining Enviu, she worked for six years as a Circular Economy consultant at Rebel, where she specialized in plastic waste in emerging economies.

Eline’s instinctive strength is bridging perspectives and developing sustainable strategies. She employs this trait in her current projects involving Enviu Indonesia and external parties required to transition to reuse and refill systems. And with Enviu’s ‘can-do’ attitude, Eline says, she can ensure the change is embedded in society.  

Eline has also created such a holistic system in her personal life. You can spot her at salsa parties, in the yoga studio, playing the violin, and baking sourdough bread, pastries, and even yogurt.