Elise Lippens

Venture Builder (Netherlands)

As a Venture Builder at Enviu, Elise delves deep into complex issues, researching and identifying the challenges, opportunities, missing links, and leverage points that can lead to meaningful change. When not in the office, you can find her doing on-the-ground pilot work to test new ideas and see how they can be put into practice. 

Elise is a passionate advocate for social and environmental causes, inspired by the transformative power of social entrepreneurship. Her interest in this field was sparked during an exchange program in Uganda, where she saw how smart business models empower vulnerable communities.

With a Master’s in Economic and Public Law and a Bachelor’s in Environmental and Sustainability Management, Elise has a diverse set of skills and knowledge that allows her to work on a range of initiatives, from researching textile waste in India to setting up reuse systems and infrastructures in the Netherlands. 

When she is not breaking her head around complex societal issues, she introduces law students to the principles of circularity and sustainability, empowering them to think innovatively about these issues. She loves to indulge in good food and conversation with her loved ones in her free time.