Jiska Coppoolse

Program Lead, Reweave

Solving the textile waste problem on a global scale

Jiska works on textile waste projects in India and Bangladesh, in addition to seeking opportunities to collaborate and grow the impact in Kenya. 

Jiska is a biomedical engineer by education. But she switched tracks to business consulting — a road that eventually led her to Enviu. She learned to structure, analyze, plan, and execute projects. She raises relevant questions, sends her colleagues into a thinking mode, and structures and executes logical thought processes. And that’s what she brings to Enviu.

As a program manager for Reweave, Jiska joins the dots between our partners and execution teams. While the venture builders execute work on the ground, Jiska can be found working up Excel sheets with budget program planning, meeting with partners, and designing impactful projects for the future.  

That’s a load of work. Yes, she gets grumpy after a busy day behind the laptop, but she has her fixes — coffee, her husband and two children, sports, and some sunlight.