Maarten Fonteijn

Program Lead THRUST

The only limit is your imagination

Deeply curious, highly competitive and passionately collaborative, Maarten loves to understand issues to their core and work together to achieve remarkable results. He thrives to combine strategic thinking with practical result-oriented actions. Ideally with a pinch of adventure.

Born in the United Arab Emirates, Maarten was raised in Rotterdam and came back after 15 years to make a difference with Enviu. Maarten holds a master in International Conflict Studies from King’s College London, worked for the European Commission in Brussels and learned business through strategic and commercial roles across three continents for one of the world’s largest renewable energy companies. Prior to joining Enviu he held a management position at a leading solar mini-grid company in Tanzania.  

Besides work Maarten recently summited mount Kilimanjaro by bike, won the Kenyan hockey premier league and founded a youth cycling club in Arusha, Tanzania.