Nava Maria Verboom

Marketing & Communication

Storyteller with an eye for design

Nava was always intentional about the products she bought and the impact this had on the rest of the world. But she wanted to do more than consuming and price-signalling. Enviu was the perfect place to do so. She enjoys taking the core of what we do and why we do it, and communicating this in such a way that it motivates others to join in creating a better world. She is the beating heart of Marketing and Communications for Enviu and its world changing ventures.

She is the daughter of a Dutch diplomat and has lived all over the world. Niger, Indonesia, Argentina, Jordan and South Africa, to name a few. These experiences guided her choice in studies. Nava holds two Masters, one in ‘Gender, Conflict & Human Rights’, and another in ‘International Development’. She has previously worked on story-based impact measurement and communication, for the purpose of monitoring and evaluation for accountability and learning.