Shiba Kurian

Content Marketeer

As Enviu’s Content Marketeer, Shiba is responsible for content creation, content marketing strategies, and copywriting, among other exciting and on-the-fly tasks. Beyond the official duties, she occasionally enjoys the undelegated task of being the paparazzi of the office in the Netherlands. 

Hailing from the Global South, she personally connects with some of the social issues Enviu has been striving to solve in Kenya, India, and Indonesia. She is a former journalist with 13 years of experience. Through long-form articles and short documentaries, she covered human rights, civil society, politics, human and labor rights, migrant issues, gender violence, governance, and the law. She found the switch from journalism to marketing smooth, as Enviu’s work in the social impact space is an extension of her commitment to social welfare and development.

When not jabbing away at her laptop, she jabs the boxing bags. Shiba also stokes her creativity by upcycling waste into house accessories, reading non-fiction, and listening to podcasts.