Shyam Sunder

Venture Builder, Reweave, India

Building circular business models for impact and scale

As a serial social impact venture builder, Shyam applies an innovation lens to creating solutions for the textile ecosystem that would benefit both the people and the planet. He has also taken on the unofficial role of being the garden fairy of the Enviu India office, ensuring every plant gets a human it can help nurture.

With the Reweave program, he builds circular business models to handle textile waste in India. Curious by nature, he is fascinated with Enviu’s ‘what if’ approach, which allows him to constantly imagine and build out scenarios before arriving at a solution.

Shyam is an engineer by education, a designer by passion, and an entrepreneur by choice. He founded two start-ups born out of his passion for people and sustainability.

Playing tennis is Shyam’s go-to stress buster. He also passionately practices Tsundoku — the “art” of buying more books than one will ever read.