Siegfried Kruger

Venture Builder (Netherlands)

It is your mind who tells you it is possible. No one else.

Siegfried is driven by starting and growing social enterprises. Combining his experiences in lean start-up, lean operations, and impact investing, he is able to live the business model, ignite the lean start-up engine, design and accelerate lean operation processes, and gear up for the growth phase. It is the hands-on work a start-up requires and the analysis of operational numbers that provides him with a challenge and puts a big smile on his face, every day.

Siegfried holds a Master degree in Finance & Investments at RSM Erasmus University and became entrepreneur through the family company. He experienced the social entrepreneurship challenges at SCOPEinsight in Utrecht, and helped social entrepreneurs to finance their venture with conscious capital at PYMWYMIC in Amsterdam. Ready for adventure, he traveled to Colombia where he was part of the growth of Autolab, a start-up of Polymath Ventures in Bogota.