Stijn Bartelink

Venture Builder

Restoring the balance of life

The negative consequences of human unconsciousness have grown and become more visible over the years. We can now clearly see that we’ve created dysfunctional, unbalanced (eco-)systems that put the life of people and planet at risk. To Stijn, realizing this has been like a wake-up call – leaving no “meaning” left in building a business for the sake of building a business. From now on, he wishes to devote his time, talent and energy to restoring the balance – while keeping his own. Passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation,  what better place to do this than Enviu? 

Stijn enjoys to take ideas from 0 to 1, while building bridges between the corporate, entrepreneurial and impact space. He worked in the corporate financial world, co-founded a venture in (digital) healthcare, and is chairman of Pellikaan, a foundation that stimulates young people’s social projects from different cultures. He holds a master’s degree in Economics from the University of Amsterdam. And in his free time? You can find Stijn taking on cycling and running challenges – on and off the road.