Together with partners we start long-term issue-driven and entrepreneurial programs to disrupt and drive broken value chains and industries towards a “new normal.” We build multiple companies within a dysfunctional market or value chain to drive change together. 1 + 1 = 3. Dive into each program to learn more!

We want the global economy to serve people and planet

Our ventures are focussed around these programs

  • India
  • DesertSpring, Khaloom, Puraloop, The Good Felt

Building the future apparel industry

  • Kenya
  • SokoFresh, Taimba

0% post-harvest food loss

Financial Inclusion
  • Lakshya, People's Pension Trust Ghana, People's Pension Trust Rwanda, Three Wheels United

Access to financial stability for all

  • The Netherlands
  • Future Proof Shipping, SWIM - Hydrogen Powered Water Taxi, Circular Maritime Technologies, Portago

Zero harmful emission transportation over water 

Zero Waste Living Lab
  • Indonesia, Malaysia
  • CupKita, Econesia, Kecipir, Koinpack, Qyos by Algramo, Sustaination

Closing the tap on plastic waste

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A holistic approach to reimagine and shape an industry, field or practice