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Fuel System Level Change: Step Into A Program

Within each program we ideate, validate, and build world changing companies in order to address an overarching system flaw. From Plastic waste & Food Loss to Financial exclusion & Maritime emissions.

Stepping into a program means you will be directly supporting a holistic impact driven approach, creating impact through innovative and scalable market driven solutions that tackle particular flaws in a given system.

Each of our issue-driven programs are always on the lookout for partners to jump in and boost the program and the ventures that make it happen to the next level. You choose your level of involvement, blaze a trail or rely on our network of experts, funders & business partners.. Together we can achieve so much more!

  • Join one of Enviu’s existing programs as a partner
  • Support the program with your passion, knowledge, network and/or co-funding
  • Become co-funder and thus minority shareholder of all ventures built within the program
  • There are programs confronting multiple environmental and social issues where your support will be valued.

What our co-funders have to say

In late 2018, with the support of the Plastics Solution Fund, Enviu launched the Zero Waste Living Lab in Indonesia: a market development program to ideate, test and build impact-driven companies to radically reduce single-use plastics. In the spring of 2019, a private family foundation joined this mission.

“I worry deeply about the legacy we leave our children”

This family foundation stepped in as a partner to boost the program and specifically one of the ideated concepts. A second family foundation joined a month later. In addition to their financial contributions, both families support the program with their (business) experience and network.